Deck Maintenance and Inspection

The proper maintenance of a wood deck can add years of enjoyment and safety. At T. Walster of Maeystown, Inc. we extend the life of your deck with regular maintenance and inspections. Cleaning, staining and repairing your deck are a thing of the past with T. Walster of Maeystown, Inc.

Whether your deck is vinyl or wood, having it safe for you, your family and guest to relax and enjoy should be a top-priority of any homeowner. Since the damage often occurs under and within the structure, making it difficult to see, T. Walster of Maeystown, Inc. has the expertise to find problems that affect the stability and safety before someone is hurt.

A deck inspection also has an added benefit when buying or selling a home. An inspection will identify problems early on that could impact a sellers or buyers ability to close, such as not satisfying any municipal code regulations. T. Walster of Maeystown, Inc. can inspect your deck and provide a full written report detailing the stability of the deck.